Vodafone Idea: Self-Kyc for your new SIM connection!

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Vodafone Idea: Self-Kyc for your new SIM connection! (Image: play.google.com)
Vodafone Idea: Self-Kyc for your new SIM connection! (Image: play.google.com)

Delhi : Vodafone Idea (Vi) has introduced a self-KYC (know your customer) process for consumers seeking a new prepaid or postpaid SIM card. The new procedure is intended to streamline the onboarding of new clients who were previously obliged to visit a retail location to complete the physical KYC process.

Vi, in compliance with the new Department of Telecommunications (DoT) regulation, is now allowing new users to receive a fresh SIM connection anytime, anyplace, with the convenience of doorstep delivery. The DoT previously directed cell carriers to simplify the KYC procedure and begin home delivery of new connections after self-verifying users using aadhaar or any other acceptable document kept in Digilocker.

"Vi's Self KYC system is based on DoT-mandated rules and enables users to obtain a new connection anytime from anywhere with the added benefit of SIM delivery at the doorstep," Vi said in a statement.

Incidentally, the self-KYC process was originally started in Kolkata and Karnataka and would be gradually pushed out across the country in the following months. Once accessible, both prepaid and postpaid users will be able to quickly purchase a new SIM online, choose their chosen plan, and complete everything self-KYC from the comfort of their own homes.

How to conduct self KYC for Vodafone connection

  • To begin Self-KYC for a new Vodafone Idea connection, go to the official website of Vi- myvi.in/ 
  • Now, go to the New Connection area and follow the instructions to begin the process.
  • Choose the desired number and proceed with the self-KYC process.
  • Importantly, Aadhaar authentication would be required via the UIDAI official website.
  • To authenticate, you must take a live snapshot and a 10-second live video.
  • Place the order after completing the digital authentication.
  • Vi will bring your SIM card to you.
  • To get delivery, however, you must validate your ID by providing the OTP to the delivery executive.

Why is KYC required to obtain a new SIM card?

Meanwhile, telecom carriers have made the KYC procedure necessary throughout the new connection process in order to authenticate their customers' identities and addresses. It also assures both the service provider's and the customer's safety and security.

The KYC procedure is also used to prevent the exploitation of telecom services and to confirm that the consumer is authentic and not impersonating someone else. Moreover, KYC aids in the prevention of fraudulent activities such as identity theft, money laundering, and terrorist funding. It also assists telecom carriers in meeting regulatory obligations and keeping correct client records.