Caught on camera: When boy slipped between train and platform

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Sydney : Breath-taking video of a two-year-old boy Ayden, accompanied by his sister and grandparents, has been released, showing how he slips into a gap between a train and platform in Australia.

The video shows the panic-stricken grandparents instantly signaling the driver not to move the train. Ayden was then safely pulled out from the gap.

The incident was reported at least a year back at Sydney's Cronulla Station, but the video has been released by Sydney trains today as a warning to parents to remain more cautious with kids while boarding the train.

Speaking to, grandfather John Brewster said, "It took years off my life. I'll never forget it."

"It happened that bloody quick. We were running because it was raining, we'd had an ice-cream then we were taking the train because Ayden loves trains.