Children's favourite Crayola losing one of its 24 colours on National Crayon Day

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Crayola colours
Crayola colours

Los Angeles : Children’s colour brand Crayola has just retired one of its 24 colours. Yes, really!

The company on Friday announced its plans to remove the yellow colour from all its boxes on National Crayon Day.

The decision was announced on Twitter following a series of reactions from people and art fans about the controversial step.

It's not the first time Crayola has removed colours - maize, raw umber and orange yellow have also been scrapped in the past.

5 Times Crayola Fired Their Crayons

  • In 1962, Crayola voluntarily changed Flesh to Peach in an attempt to avoid any legal issues and encourage people to embrace seeing the world in black and peach.
  • Introduced in 1949 alongside a cadre of 39 new cohorts, Prussian Blue was unceremoniously stripped of its name in 1958, after teachers continued to voice concerns that the crayon wasn't Cold War"“sensitive. 
  • Introduced in 1958 with 15 additional colors (finally giving children 64 shades to work with!), Indian Red color was actually named for a pigment that originated in India. Over the years, teachers began to worry that children would see the crayon as a reference to American Indians' skin color.
  • In 1990, old fogies Blue Gray, Green Blue, Lemon Yellow, Maize, Orange Red, Orange Yellow, Raw Umber, and Violet Blue were sent out to waxy pastures. 
  • In celebration of Crayola's 100th birthday in 2003, consumers suggested newer colors Blizzard Blue, Magic Mint, and Teal Blue, and the older Mulberry. 

The crayola crayons were first produced in 1903 by Binney & Smith Co.