Hilarious! 5-year old boy throws massive tantrum, wants to go to PUB

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boy wants to go to PUB, throws tantrum
boy wants to go to PUB, throws tantrum

Los Angeles : In a hilarious video that spiralled on social media Friday, a five-year-old boy had a complete meltdown after demanding his mum take him to the PUB.

Yes, PUB that was where little Harrison Proudler wanted to go and repeatedly shouted "I want to go to the pub". He then broke into tears when his mother told him that he wasn't allowed to go to the local boozer club.

After being refused, the boy’s face creased in agony while the whole emotional drama was filmed. Gemma, 35, later shared the video on Facebook after finally taking Harrison to the Gigmill in Stourbridge, West Midlands.

The incident and the outburst occurred after the boy overheard mum Gemma and a friend discussing a food deal a nearby pub.

As per the mum, "I was cooking dinner when he started having this random tantrum. We don't even really go to the pub so I've got no idea where it came from. I was shocked and just started laughing, which is when I began recording it. It was really funny. He definitely has second child syndrome. He's a bit of a monkey but he was really tired at the time which is why I was so calm with him and didn't make much of it.”

Gemma, also has a 10-year-old boy called Lennon and lives with 35-year-old husband James, a fire protection consultant.