Cipla allowed to import Moderna vaccine for use in India

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Moderna Vaccine (Image: Governor Tom Wolf/Wikimedia Commons)
Moderna Vaccine (Image: Governor Tom Wolf/Wikimedia Commons)

New Delhi : Pharma company Cipla has received an approval to import Moderna vaccine for restricted emergency use in India.

In its letter to the drug regulator, Cipla mentioned about government’s decision to waive bridging trials for foreign vaccines if it is cleared for emergency use in countries like the US and if the safety assessment data of the first 100 beneficiaries is submitted before mass rollout.

It is known that Moderna has an efficacy of 90% against coronavirus.

Like Pfizer, Moderna is an mRNA vaccine that has fragments of the genetic material known as messenger RNA.

The vaccine works by giving cells temporary instructions to make the coronavirus spike protein. The protein is found on the surface of the COVID-19 virus.

Recently, Pfizer CEO had said that his vaccine will soon be available in Indian market as the talks are in the final phase.

"Pfizer is now in the final stages to get approval for COVID-19 vaccine in India. I hope very soon we will finalise an agreement with the government," Mr Bourla had said.

The rollout of foreign vaccines has been stalled over their condition that India waives indemnity from liability in case of an adverse effect.