Elections 2016: Canadian immigration website collapses with proximity to Trump's victory

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Canada immigration
Canada immigration

Los angeles : It is no joke, the Canadian immigration website crashed on Tuesday while America watched its most historic Presidential Elections 2016.

As the results are favouring Republican candidate Donald Trump, apparently many people are looking forward to leave America or so as jokes make a round on Twitter.

Following the enquiries, the official website for 'Citizenship and Immigration Canada' on Tuesday crashed, apparently because of the sheer number of people looking forward to leave the country.

Notably, Canada offers several ways and citizenship to those who want to live in or become a citizen of the country. But today when many people started accessing the website, the page was difficult to load showing a broken site.

In Canada, there are a range of different types of citizenship, most of which require that people come for work or to live with their family.

As Donald Trump is moving a step towards being the 45th US President, it is leading to huge anxiety among his opponents and also those who don’t want him to be in the highest position of the United States of America.

Few months back, a similar moment was witnessed in the wake of the UK's general election and of the Brexit vote.

Talking about Canada, the country has been active in taking in refugees from a range of countries in recent months but how will they tackle such a situation remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, stay tuned with us for regular updates on US Presidential Elections 2016 here!