Prayer for Peace aims to connect meditation with scientific way

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New Delhi : Prayer for Peace is a landmark event in the spiritual calendar of Delhi that intends to transform the city by bringing together diverse spiritual and religious leaders and their followers for a Group Meditation for World Peace.

This initiative is based on the premise that a large group of people meditating together will heal and transform the energy of the city resulting in a better quality of life for the city’s inhabitants. 

Practiced by millions of people in over 120 countries worldwide it is a highly beneficial tool for gaining mental clarity, eliminating stress, improved decision making ability, better interpersonal relationships and inner peace. 

“It doesn’t belong to any religion or have any religious affiliation. It connects to the Supreme Power with a scientific way,” said Gauri Sethi, the Managing Trustee of Delhi Pranic Healing Foundation.

She also added it has no side effects on the people and during the dengue outbreak in National Capital, Pranic Healing trainers helped the patients to recover within just 4 days. 

Tehruna Marish, the convenor for Prayer for Peace, said “it is an Amalgamation of Om, Ameen and Amen. Seven people meditating, it have potential to attract 7000 people, Marish also added. 

More than 10000 participants are expected to join in  at Thyagaraj Indoor Stadium, New Delhi, on 12th November, 2016 from 4.30pm to 6.30pm.