Final Goodbyes from Syria and Aleppo; truce begins, but war far from over!

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Syria war
Syria war

Los Angeles : Syrian city of Aleppo is in ruins, citizens are killed and city is destroyed. Some civilians who are still trapped inside the city have been posting goodbye messages on social media and begged for an end to the conflict.

After the battle came into effect on Tuesday, residents fearing for their lives in Aleppo started posting emotional messages on social media.

Some residents while posting a video clip were interrupted by the sound of gunfire while others spoke of their fears of being trapped in Aleppo.

In one of the videos, Salah Ashkar says, “Please, there is no minute to spare. Please, please stand with Aleppo.”

The United Nations also said the bloody climax of the battle for Aleppo had seen families executed in their own homes.

Officials said at least 82 civilians, including 11 women and 13 children, had reportedly been shot dead ‘on sight’ by pro-government forces.

According to rebel officials, “Fighting would end this evening and a source in the pro-Assad military alliance said the evacuation of fighters would begin at around dawn on Wednesday.”

However, the war is still far from over as insurgents are still retaining their rural stronghold of Idlib province to the southwest of Aleppo, while ISIS is holding the east and recapturing Palmyra this week.