Outrageous or fair? Mother carrying infant kicked out of first class seat

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Mum pestered on train for carrying baby
Mum pestered on train for carrying baby

Los Angeles : Mothers carrying babies are often given priority while travelling to sit on any seat whether it is reserved or not, but an incident on Tuesday showcased the apathy one can face at any such occasion.

An elderly woman on Tuesday entered an argument with a mother carrying her baby on a train after she claimed that the woman had no right to sit in first class.

She even tried to deter the mother from sitting next to her in a priority seat by saying that ‘she did not want to sit next to a screaming' baby as she had a stinking cold.’

When she was countered by the mother, she was also heard saying "the mother should respect her betters.”

The incident was captured on camera by Care worker Tyrone Williams, who was travelling home on the Thameslink service from Farringdon to Brighton on Friday.

As seen in the footage, the mum can be seen requesting the passenger to vacant the seat by keeping aside bags.

However, the aged woman said that she did not want to sit next to a 'screaming baby', which offended the mother who replied, "I asked you nicely to put your bag on the floor and I offered to put it up. I'm carrying a baby you have to respect me. He's not screaming, he's behaving better than you.”

The 29-year-old Tyrone also told media that the issue was not even a bigger one as people don't need to have a first class ticket to sit in that part of the train.

"There are a lot of delays on that service so you can sit on any part of the train. I wanted to show people how ignorant some people on public transport can be. These things happen all the time and I didn't want this lady to get away with treating someone like that. A majority of people in the carriage agreed this woman was in the wrong and shouldn't have treated the mother like that. When people are like this its not worth wasting your anger or your energy fighting back” he added.

Following the argument, the mother eventually moved when another passenger offered her a seat further up the train. Watch the whole video: