Hong Kong claims coronavirus situation 'out of control'

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Hong Kong claims coronavirus situation 'out of control'
Hong Kong claims coronavirus situation 'out of control'

Hong Kong : Hong Kong has claimed that the deadly coronavirus is spreading in the country in an 'out of control' manner. The nation has recorded 100 new coronavirus cases.

The social distancing measures have been tightened to ensure a curb on the sudden surge in the number of cases in Hong Kong.

The finance hub was one of the first places to be struck by the virus when it emerged from central China.

But the city had impressive success in tackling the disease, all but ending local transmissions by late June.

In last couple of weeks, a sudden surge has been reported in the coronavirus cases, hinting towards a new outbreak spreading in the densely populated territory of 7.5 million people.

On Sunday chief executive Carrie Lam said more than 500 infections had been confirmed in the last fortnight alone, nearly a third since the outbreak began.

On Sunday 108 new infections were recorded by health authorities, a daily high for the finance hub, bringing the total to 1,886 cases.

"I think the situation is really critical and there is no sign the situation is being brought under control," Lam told reporters.

Meanwhile, the restaurants have been asked to prepare only takeaway meals.