"I am immune" to coronavirus: Donald Trump

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Donald Trump Immune
Donald Trump Immune

Washington : A new confidence has erupted under the US President Donald Trump, who managed to recover fast after getting diagnosed with coronavirus. In one of his recent interviews, he called himself 'immune' to COVID-19.

"It looks like I'm immune for, I don't know, maybe a long time and maybe a short time, it could be a lifetime, nobody really knows, but I'm immune," Trump said in a Fox News interview.

"You have a president who is immune... so now you have a president who doesn't have to hide in a basement like his opponent," he added -- in a jab at the Democrat Biden and his far more cautious approach to campaigning in a pandemic.

In reality, the proud feeling should not last longer as there have been cases of reinfection in people who have earlier recovered from coronavirus. So, the time frame of immunity is not fixed.

While it acknowledges that -- generally -- a person who recovers from a viral infection is protected against new infection, the World Health Organization cautioned in August: "For COVID-19, we do not yet have enough data to confirm if antibodies protect, what antibody levels are required, or how long protection will last."

"If you look at Joe, he was coughing yesterday horribly and grabbing his mask, as he's coughing," Trump said. "And I don't know what that was all about, and it didn't get much press."

The United States is set for the Presidential polls on November 3 this year. Joe Biden will be standing against Donald Trump.