India or Pakistan: Here's the most dangerous country for women

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India or Pakistan: Here's the most dangerous country for women
India or Pakistan: Here's the most dangerous country for women

New Delhi : When it comes to women safety and domestic violence, very few countries across the globe can assure 100 percent women’s protection. Recently, Papua New Guinea, located in the north of Australia, has been described as one of the most dangerous countries for women. It has been estimated that 70 percent of women in the country get raped in their lifetime or they will likely become victims of sexual violence. 

The BBC's Benjamin Zand went to Papua New Guinea's capital Port Moresby and met some people who consider violence against women as right.

In this trip, Benjamin met some of the women who said that 'now a lot has happened'. Papua New Guinea is among the world's worst place, where domestic violence and rape rates are the highest. But the big concern is that very few rapists get punishment.

A senior police official said that between January and May 2018, at least 6,000 cases of domestic violence and rape were registered officially. He said, "These are the cases that have been recorded, you can think that there will be such cases which have not been recorded anywhere, that is because if you ask any common person in Papua New Guinea, then he It is a common thing that any woman who is a girlfriend, wife or friend, it is common to have violence with her. "

Local gangsters in Papua New Guinea have been charged with the most allegations of rape there. For these people, gang raping a woman is an everyday activity. These people have no guilt feeling and they openly talk about this. They hardly care that cameras and police may catch them.

A local gangster told the BBC, "Women are the easiest victims here, they're easy to rob, it's easy to beat them. These are also easy prey for us. "

In one house, media persons met Susan, who has been living here with her children for the past two months. They were married in the year 2000. After 18 years of domestic violence Susan's guts answered Susan said, "He hit me a lot.

I had to put 35 stitches on the palm. He continued to beat me, and I had to jump through the second floor of the house with fear. My right leg was broken. "Susan said that her husband considered her as her" property "and her family could not stop her.

In another case, Marissa had also sought shelter in 'Safe House'. But according to the rules, their age is a bit more to stay here. The manager of Safe House explained them the compulsion of the rules, and Marisa had to return. Merrissan said in the conversation with the BBC, "My son-in-law punishes me with a belt. He wants to have sex with me. I cannot let this happen.

I'm afraid to return home. He keeps the knife. Marissa said that her son-in-law has also raped her two daughters, but her family did not get any help from the police.

In order to initiative women safety rules, five years ago, the 'Family Protection Act' has been created in Papua New Guinea. According to this act, domestic violence is a crime for which two years can be jailed or the accused may have to pay a fine of two thousand US dollars.