India to experience Turkey like earthquake, warns scientist

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India to experience Turkey like earthquake, warns scientist (Image: Pixabay)
India to experience Turkey like earthquake, warns scientist (Image: Pixabay)

New Delhi : Turkey and Syria recently faced an earthquake of 7.8 magnitude and more than 46,000 lives were lost in the natural disaster. A scientist has now issued a warning that regions near India and Nepal border are likely to experience a similar earthquake as the areas lie under seismic zone 4.

A head researcher for seismology department at NGRI - National Geophysical Research Institute – has claimed that there are high probabilities of getting an earthquake in Uttarakhand and Western Nepal regions.

According to Dr Rao, it has been a long time since these areas have not experienced earthquake, and with changing conditions under the land, it is expected that these areas may soon experience a high magnitude earthquake. He did not predict any set time or date for the incident.

According to researchers, the Himalayan region from Jammu and Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh lie under seismic category of 4 and 5. In the past, 8 magnitude earthquake had rocked Himachal Pradesh in 50s. And a similar earthquake had rocked Bihar, Nepal border in 90s. Since then, there has not been any earthquake in the Himalayan region.

The earthquake comes due to. Regular changes under. The land. And these conditions changes at a regular interval. Since it has been 70 years since Himalayan range has experienced any earthquake, it is more likely for the reason to experience a high intensity earthquake like Turkey. 

This predictions became more concerning as deep cracks was seen in the Joshimath region after the land subsidised by a few centimetre.

Dr Rao, however, claimed that this is a normal phenomenon to see land subsidising but the way it is happening in Joshimath, it is definitely a matter of concern and the scientists are keeping a regular eye on the developments.