Internet surfing in class likely to hamper grades

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Use internet carefully in class, it may hamper grades
Use internet carefully in class, it may hamper grades

New York : Even the most intelligent and motivated students can score low in grades, if they develop a habit of internet surfing during the class, claims a study.

The findings were published in the journal Psychological Science.

The researchers added laptops as a part of study in Psychological course and found that students spent about 37 minutes surfing non-study related things.

It was seen noticed that students wasted their time mostly surfing social media, checking mails, shopping and watching videos, resulting in low grades in academics.

"Internet use was a significant predictor of students' final exam score even when their intelligence and motivation were taken into account, said lead study author Susan Ravizza from Michigan State University.

"The detrimental relationship associated with non-academic internet use," Ravizza said, "raises questions about the policy of encouraging students to bring their laptops to class when they are unnecessary for class use."