Japan's anti-terrorist conspiracy bill: All you need to know

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Japan's anti-terrorist conspiracy bill: All you need to know
Japan's anti-terrorist conspiracy bill: All you need to know

Tokyo : The upper house of Parliament in Japan on Thursday approved anti-terrorist conspiracy bill that penalises the planning of crimes with the aim to prevent terrorism.

Despite opposition's rejection to it, the legislative assembly, in which the ruling coalition led by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has a majority, gave a green signal to it.

The government defended the bill with a view to prevent terrorism, specially when Japan is all set to host Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. 

Officials also say it is a prerequisite for implementing a UN treaty against Transnational Organized Crime which Japan signed in 2000.

The lower house had cleared the Bill on May 23.

Must know things about Japan's anti-terrorist conspiracy bill:

# The Bill will allow investigators to charge an individual or organisation which conspires to engage in terrorism or other serious crimes.

# The Bill was revised thrice earlier this year over concerns about its content which opposition claimed it could be abused to allow wiretapping of innocent citizens and punish activities protected by the constitution.

# The latest version of Bill reduced the number of targeted crimes to some 270 and narrowed the kinds of groups covered to terrorist and criminal organisations.

# The general public can be targeted for conspiracy through monitoring phone and online conversations.

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