Jio Fiber new broadband plans unveiled: How different are they from old ones?

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Jio Fiber new broadband plan
Jio Fiber new broadband plan

New Delhi : Jio Fiber has announced it new broadband plans and has also revised some of its existing plans. The Jio Fiber monthly plans now start as low as Rs. 399 with 30Mbps Internet speed. The users have been provided with wide variety of plans depending upon the speed they want to utilize.

The revision of plans has been made with a view to make the service more affordable.

The new Jio Fiber plans, updated on the official website, now start at Rs. 399 and include six other price points – Rs. 699, Rs. 999, Rs. 1,499, Rs. 2,499, Rs. 3,499, and Rs. 8,499. The Rs. 399 plan is brand new, as Jio Fiber earlier started at Rs. 699.

The other major development is that all these plans will offer symmetric speed which means upload and download will be on the same speed. Earlier, Jio Fiber only used to provide 10 percent of the plan speed for uploads. Also, Netflix is a new addition to the portfolio of streaming apps that Jio Fiber offers free access to with select plans.

Further, Jio claims to offer truly unlimited Internet with Rs. 1,499 and lower priced plans; however, there is a 3300GB FUP, following which your Internet speed may be reduced or connection may be terminated for abuse.