The last thing Putin wants now is a ‘cold war’: Joe Biden

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Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin

Washington : The US President Joe Biden has said that his Russian counterpart did not want a new cold war and he had told him critical infrastructure must be "off limits" to cyber attacks.

"I think that the last thing he wants now is a Cold War," Biden told reporters after his first summit with Vladimir Putin, adding that he during the talks had stressed that "certain critical infrastructure should be off limits to attack -- period -- by cyber or any other means."

Russian President Vladimir Putin has confirmed that the ambassadors will return to their positions soon. Speaking at a news conference after meeting with US President Joe Biden in Geneva, Putin said the ambassadors will return to their posts and take up their functions, adding that the question of when the diplomats would return to their post is a “purely technical one.”

The US-Russia relations are believed to be deteriorating for years, it became worse when Joe Biden said that he thinks Vladimir Putin is a “killer”. Following this, Russia had called back all its ambassadors from the Washington. US recalled its ambassadors in April this year. Talking about it, Putin said he was satisfied with the explanation given by Biden behind his 'killer’ remark.

Biden and Putin met at a stately 18th-century mansion in Geneva for a high-stakes summit amid heightened tension between the two rival nations.