This company makes a 10-storey building in about a day

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Image: Screengrab from the viral video
Image: Screengrab from the viral video

Beijing : In normal scenario if someone plans to make a high rise building then it is a project for months at least. But there is a company in China which has achieved an unbelievable feat by making a 10-storey building in about a day - 28 hours and 45 minutes, to be precise.

Surprised? Want to know the secret behind such speedy construction? Well, it is a new technology in which prefabricated self-contained modular units are assembled with the help of boults.

Container size prefabricated units, developed in the factories, are taken to the construction site and are assembled to make a high rise building. In the end, power and water connections are done to complete the job.

According to CNN, Broad Group was able to construct a 10-storey apartment building in 28 hours and 45 minutes in Changsha, China.

According to a video uploaded on YouTube, a time-lapse of the construction is shown. Broad Group wrote, “Standard container size, low-cost transportation worldwide. Extremely simple onsite installation.”

The company claims to be an easy on-site installation - “just tighten bolts and connect water and electricity”.

Watch video below:

The video has garnered positive comments from the netizens as some claimed it to be a path breaking technology in the field of construction.

The biggest advantage of these pre-fabricated construction boxes are that they can be moved anytime and are completely safe to live as they are durable and earthquake resistant.