Top quotes from Donald Trump's inauguration speech

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Top quotes from Donald Trump's inauguration ceremony
Top quotes from Donald Trump's inauguration ceremony

Washington : And the day is here when Barack Obama is out and Donald Trump is the new President of the United States of America. Mr. Trump announced it loud and vowed that it will be 'only America first' under all circumstances. Here are some top quotes from his inauguration speech held at Capitol Hill in Washington.

1: "Transferring power from Washington DC to giving it back to the Americans."

2: "January 20, 2017 – a day when Americans became ruler of their country."

3: "From this day, it will be America first, America first. Every decision will be made to benefit American workers and families."

4: "Will eradicate the radical Islamic terrorism from the face of the earth."

5: "Only two rules from now - Buy American and Hire American."

6: "No matter we are white, brown or black, all Americans bleed red blood of patiots."

Meanwhile, there were reports claiming that his first official speech as the 45th United States of America President seems to be inspired from Hollywood movie 'The Dark Knight Rises' villain Bane.

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