Trending: Weird craze sees people spilling their items to 'send messages'

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Trending on internet
Trending on internet

Los Angeles : Internet often sees crazy trending sessions and the latest weird idea which has taken the town is to see people spilling things to spell out messages.

Well, people are using everything from food, pens, loose change and toilet paper rolls to be part of the latest trend.

In one of the footages, a person misses the bowl and spills all their multi-coloured cereal all over the floor, spelling out: "Cereal killer."

Then he mimics the outline of a dead body in cereal to those commonly found at crime scenes and shout again ‘Cereal Killer’.

In another footage, a man trips over with a container of coins he'd carrying and they are filmed spilling all over the floor. But when the camera pans, the man make a desperate appeal and says, “I'm broke can someone buy me food."

Others have also followed nude trends while their friends ask whoever is watching to bring them more toilet paper.

Rain drop

The videos are then posted on social media, with many raking up thousands of views.