Trump to decide on H1-B Visa today, fate of several Indians loom in air

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Trump first day in Oval office
Trump first day in Oval office

Los Angeles : US President Donald Trump is poised to have a very busy first Monday of his tenure in the White House today. Reports show that several potential executive actions and announcements are expected today as Trump in an interview with the Times of London during his inauguration weekend said that he considered Monday his first "real" work day.

Monday schedule as released by the White House on Sunday evening:

9 a.m.: Breakfast and listening session with key business leaders

10:30 a.m.: Signs executive orders

11 a.m.: President's Daily Briefing

12 p.m.: Lunch with the vice president

3 p.m.: Listening session with union leaders and workers

5 p.m.: Bicameral Leadership Reception

6 p.m.: Meets with House Speaker Paul Ryan

After winning the elections, Trump in a video message pledged that he will take the following actions on Day 1:

  • Leave the Trans Pacific Partnership
  • Will cancel "job killing" restrictions on American energy
  • His every one of new new regulation will eliminate two old ones 
  • Will act on a strategy to protect infrastructure from cyberattacks
  • Will investigate all abuses of visa programs
  • Impose a five-year ban on executive officials becoming lobbyists after leaving administration

As per reports, the White House officials on the condition of anonymity also were heard saying that other potential executive actions could come into action like declaration of intention to renegotiate NAFTA, repealing the Affordable Care Act and immigration issues.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer will also hold his first official press briefing today after blasting the media on Saturday in his first press room statement.