Outrage in UK after beef used in new 5 pound notes; Hindus in Britain go berserk, temples mull ban

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UK beef ban note
UK beef ban note

Los Angeles : The new £5 note has received a major backlash from lot of British Hindu leaders recently.

Now they are planning to ban the note in temples especially after knowing that they are non-vegetarian i.e. the plastic bank notes contain beef tallow – a form of animal fat that is used in the production of plastics.

It is known fact that Hindus are strictly against use of beef in any of their religious practices and food habits yet putting meat in the new £5 notes turned out to be a massive slap in the face to millions of Hindus in Britain.

In Hindu temples, worshippers are even asked to take off their leather belts and purses, even food habits restrict people from eating meat, fish and eggs for three days before entering. Notably, Cows are generally considered sacred by Hindus.

The outrage was seen moments after the Bank of England tweet on Monday afternoon which notified that beef was used in the production of £5 notes.

Since then there has been widespread outrage from vegans, vegetarians, Hindus and Jains in Britain.

Significantly, there are more than 800,000-strong British Hindus in the country. The Bank of England has yet to issue an official response to the outcry.

A petition calling for the Bank of England to stop using animal products in the £5 notes has now been signed by more than 100,000 people.