"We are proud of you": Pakistan ATC praises Air India for special flights

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"We are proud of you": Pakistan ATC praises Air India for special flights
"We are proud of you": Pakistan ATC praises Air India for special flights

New Delhi : Pakistan's Air Traffic Controller (ATC) on Saturday showered praise on Air India for operating special flights.

Air India operated special flights from India to Frankfurt with relief materials and evacuated European nationals, who were stranded in India as coronavirus swept across continents, perishing millions and crippling the system of passenger planes criss-crossing the world.

"It was a very proud moment for me as well as the entire Air India crew when we heard from Pakistan ATC praising our special flight operations to Europe," one of the senior captains of the special flights told exclusively to ANI.

"As we entered in the Pakistan's Flight Information Region (FIR) and the Pakistan Air Traffic Controller (ATC) greeted us 'Assalaam Alaikum!' This is Karachi's control welcoming Air India for relief flights to Frankfurt," the senior captain quoted the Pakistan ATC as saying.

"Confirm are you operating relief flights for Frankfurt," the Pak ATC further said.

"AFFIRM," said the Air India captain in Pakistan's airspace.

"You are cleared direct to exit point Kebud request estimate crossing Kebud (Exit)," came response from the ATC.

Air India captain replied, saying "Cleared direct Kebud, Thank you."

At this, the Pakistan ATC showered praise on Air India.

"We are proud of you that in a pandemic situation you are operating flights, Good Luck!"

"Thank you so much," responded the captain of India's national carrier.

More to it was when the AI commander of the special flight told Pakistan ATC that he could not find the radar for the Iran airspace, Pakistan conveyed the Indian jet's position to the Tehran airspace and provided details of the two AI special flights.

After Pakistan airspace, the special AI flight entered Iran. As the captain told ANI, it had never happened before in his entire pilot career that the Middle East country had given a direct route of over 1000 miles.

"First time in my entire career as pilot, Iran gave a direct routing for about 1000 miles a privilege guess enjoyed as special flights, in all especially in the recent tense situation in the Iranian airspace," he said

"Iran has rarely given direct route to any of airlines because direct route of Iran airspace is strictly kept reserve for their defence purposes only. Before leaving Iran airspace, the ATC there also wished us 'all the best'," the AI captain told to ANI.

After Iran, the AI special flights entered into the Turkey airspace and then Germany's. "All ATCs from Bombay to Frankfurt welcomed the special flights of Air India and wished us very proudly," the Captain said.