When Donald Trump called PM Modi Father of India

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When Donald Trump called PM Modi Father of India
When Donald Trump called PM Modi Father of India

New York : The United States President Donald Trump on Tuesday tagged Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the father of India. The two leaders, who met at the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, heaped praises on each other during the press briefing.

"I remember India before [before PM Modi rule], not intimately, but I remember India before, it was very torn, it was a lot fighting and he brought it all together. Like a father would bring it together. Maybe he is the father of India. We will call him the father of India. He brought things together, you don't hear that anymore," Donald Trump told a room full of journalists and bureaucrats from the two countries.

In three days, this was the second time when the two leaders were meeting each other. The two leaders had earlier addressed a crowd of 50,000 Indian-Americans at NRG Stadium in Houston on Sunday.

Speaking about his presence at the "Howdy, Modi!" event in Houston, President Donald Trump said that his relationship with PM Modi is as good as it can get at the moment.

"I have great respect, I have great admiration and I really like him. He is a great gentleman and a great leader," Trump said. "I think what the event showed that how much I like India and how much I like your prime minister."

The US president compared the prime minister with rockstar Elvis Presley.