When Saif Ali Khan became part of a catfishing scam in Britain!

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saif ali khan catfishing scam
saif ali khan catfishing scam

Los Angeles : Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan became part of a catfishing scam in Britain after his picture was used by a serial womaniser- a man who created fake online persona to dupe women.

The man showed that he was a high-flying city lawyer for almost a year - before the victim  learned that the name he had given was fake and that he had a wife and children.

The teaching assistant, Anne Rowan 44- who fell victim to the catfishing scam and went public with her ordeal, was later sacked by the school.

According to news reports, the woman met the man on the dating app Tinder and made national headlines last week after she launched a tirade and petition calling for the deception to be outlawed.

Talking about the man, she said, "He walked into my house with a quiet confidence, calm and an ease that felt like he had done the same every night for years. It was like he was supposed to be there. He instinctively knew how to hold me. It was like I'd known him and him me for far longer than we had. He asked me to marry him several times, called me his life, his heart, his soul. He called me his wife and told me to call him my husband. He would be there for me always and we had the rest of our lives together. He constantly told me he loved me and sent me voice messages saying we would get through any obstacle that came our way. He told me he couldn't get through this without me"

Following his less visits, Anna confronted him when he told him about his lies.

But now she says that the campaign to change the law has cost her the job which she had held since September.

She used to work at Ethelbert Road Priary School in Faversham and believes that the school sacked her because she had brought it into disrepute.

As per Kent, "The irony is that the school has been running an anti-bullying campaign in which the message has been that children must speak up if they want things to change. If you stay silent, then nothing happens. The school was saying it had to do it because of the sexual content of the article and the mention of Tinder. This really is null and void. There was nothing overtly sexual in the article. I had to talk about what had happened to me as a vehicle to get the campaign to change the law moving. That is what all this is about."

The school spokesperson said: "As it is an employment matter we cannot comment."