US Polls 2016: 7 things that are more important than Hillary vs Donald Trump

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Washington : The D-day for US Presidential Polls 2016 is just a couple of days away and the most important aspect of it revolves around the choice of America's new leader amid soaring competition between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Well, as the leaders are campaigning their best to ensure victory. We give voters seven more things to focus before hitting the ballot box.

1: US voters can shake up the Senate

Currently, Republicans are the ones who are in majority in both the House and the Senate. But, this fall, Democrats have fair chance to jump back in Senate: they only have 10 seats open this election, while Republicans have to defend 24 seats. 

2: Maine could make drastic changes to voting procedures

In what Foreign Policy magazine called “the second most important vote on November 8,” Maine will ask voters to adopt ranked-choice voting. “Under RCV, voters who don’t like the established party choices can vote their conscience with a first preference, and rank their ‘less bad’ option second,” writes Diamond. “As a result, more independents — who tend to shy away from running because they don’t want to be spoilers — will come forward and present their case.”

3. Oklahoma could get rid of the 'Blaine Amendment'

Oklahoma voters will be asked whether they would like to repeal Article II, Section 5 of the Oklahoma Constitution, known as the “Blaine Amendment.”

4: New healthcare proposals for Californians and Coloradans

Colorado’s Amendment 69 is proposing a new system called ColoradoCare, “a healthcare payment system designed to finance universal health care for Colorado residents.” Interestingly, this new system is been endorsed by Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The new healthcare system is likely to be funded by 10% payroll tax and 10% non payroll tax.

5: Gun control issue is major this election

There are firearms measures on the ballot in four states: California, Maine, Nevada, and Washington. California is proposing an outright ban on the possession of large-capacity ammunition magazines. Maine and Nevada are proposing background checks on gun sales or purchases. And Washington Initiative 1491 would authorize courts “to issue extreme risk protection orders to remove an individual from access to firearms.”

6: Minimum wage increase should also effect the voters' decision

Arizona, Colorado, Maine, and Washington all have proposals to increase the minimum wage—to $10, $12, $12, and $13.50, respectively. Meanwhile, South Dakota has a proposal for a decrease in the youth minimum wage, from $8.50 to $7.50.

7. And Then There’s Marijuana Legalization

There are marijuana legalization measures in several states—nine, to be exact. Some of these (in Arkansas, Florida, Montana, and North Dakota) call for the authorization of medical marijuana. Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada have proposals for its outright legalization.

The list doesn't end here

The above-mentioned points are just the major ones which should also be in mind while Americans hit the ballot box. But, there are several other small issues which are more important than Hillary vs Trump fight in this US Presidential Elections.