Hyundai Exter to launch on July 10th with electric sunroof feature

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Hyundai Exter to launch on July 10th with electric sunroof feature (Image:
Hyundai Exter to launch on July 10th with electric sunroof feature (Image:

Delhi : On July 10, 2023, the Hyundai EXTER is scheduled to debut in India. This much awaited introduction will usher in a new era of superior driving, where technology and beauty are combined in the tiny entry-level automobile class. Hyundai Exter is sure to leave a lasting impact on Indian roads thanks to its innovative features and fashionable style.

For the newest member of the Hyundai family, the launch is just a few miles away. This amazing little automobile is full with cutting-edge technology that will enhance and personalise your travels. The Hyundai EXTER is poised to revolutionise driving thanks to its clever motorised sunroof and dual-camera dashcam.

Dashcam and an electric sunroof are new features for the Hyundai Exter

The Hyundai Exter offers desired amenities to everyone as a result of its innovative electric sunroof, a first in its class. But there's more! The sunroof may be voice activated. You may do this by giving it straightforward commands like "Open Sunroof" or "I want to see the sky." Every drive will be engaging since it is such an immersive experience.

Dual-camera dashcam (first in segment) - With the dual-camera dashcam on the Hyundai EXTER, you can record every second of your trip. Another first for its industry. You may capture both the front and rear images of your automobile with this revolutionary function. and makes sure no aspect is overlooked.

Hyundai Exter is a little vehicle with big innovation and smart features

The EXTER is another example of how Hyundai has consistently been at the forefront of innovation. This vehicle is equipped with a smart electric sunroof, a dash cam with twin cameras, and cutting-edge connection features that will improve your driving experience in unanticipated ways. The compact and organised mobility of the future is already here.

A car called the Hyundai EXTER blends luxury, technology, and elegance all in one. It stands out from the competition thanks to its clever motorised sunroof and dual-camera dashcam, providing you with a driving experience unlike any other. It's time to start getting excited about the potential that the Hyundai EXTER provides as the debut date draws near.

Hyundai Exter is outfitted with the ideal attributes

The canvas is limitless when you think outside the box, and we've given the Hyundai EXTER the tools it needs to help you take in the views and record those special moments while you're driving, according to Tarun Garg, COO of Hyundai Motor India Ltd. Hyundai EXTER will be introduced in India on July 10th of this year after obtaining a fantastic consumer response to the photographs provided thus far.

Only a 1.2 litre petrol engine choice will be available for the Hyundai Exter at launch. The Grand i10 NIOS is powered by the same engine. It will be paired with both manual and AMT. Moreover, Exter CNG is available. Bookings are now available. When it debuts, the Hyundai Exter will compete with vehicles like the Tata Punch and the recently seen Mahindra XUV100.