March automobile performance: Maruti Suzuki drops by 8%

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March automobile performance: Maruti Suzuki drops by 8% (Image:
March automobile performance: Maruti Suzuki drops by 8% (Image:

Delhi : The auto industry has begun releasing March's sales figures. For the world's largest automaker, Maruti Suzuki, last month's numbers were not favourable. The business sold 1,57,500 automobiles in March. Its number was 1,70,395 units in March of last year.

12,895 fewer units sold than expected has resulted in an annual loss of 8% for the automaker. This month, Maruti will introduce its new FRONX compact SUV. The Jimny off-road Vehicle will also debut at the same time, in May or June. Below, we provide the auto sales for other firms for the month of March.

Malindra & Malindra

Mahindra sold 65,100 vehicles in March 2023, an increase of 19% annually. 54,643 units were ordered in March 2022. Scorpio and Bolero from Mahindra are still in demand.

Tata Motors

Tata Motors receives an 11% yearly increase that also increased in March. The business sold 47,000 cars in the domestic market last month. However, this number was 42,293 units in March 2022. In other words, it grew by 11% annually. 4,707 more units were sold during the same period. Tata's most popular vehicles remained the Nexon and Punch.

M.G. Motor

The results from the preceding month were the best for MG Motor India over the previous 12 months. The company sold 6,051 units last month, up 28% annually from the 4,721 units sold in March 2022. MG will also start selling its affordable Comet EV this month.