Earn big returns with Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit

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Earn big returns with Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit
Earn big returns with Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit

New Delhi : Making your money earn big revenue for you is arguably one of the best ways to grow your wealth. You earn through your salary and multiply your finances through a suitable investment instrument. That said, picking a reliable instrument has become a tricky endeavour as there is a fair deal of uncertainty that looms over market-related vehicles. Nevertheless, while equity-linked instruments went into the red in 2018, regular deposits like FD continued to reward investors with timely payouts. 

Bajaj Finance Ltd., the lending and investment arm of Bajaj Finserv, offers Fixed Deposit which is a smart way to grow your savings. As one of the safest investment options, FD enables you to take control of your investments with flexibility and offers guaranteed returns.

So, whether you are a rookie investor not keen on running down the volatility curve, or a seasoned investor looking to hedge your portfolio against incalculable market variations, here’s why investing your salary in a Bajaj Finance FD is a smart move.

You get safety, ratified by reputed institutions

Beyond customer reviews, the best way to ascertain the reliability of a programme is to inquire into its credit ratings, as awarded by reputed credit agencies. This is because rating agencies analyse institutions and instruments from the point of view of objective principles. These ratings speak for the stability of the investment and indicate whether or not you can expect a default-free experience. 

Seeing your salary being depleted by an investment that was supposed to multiply it greatly can be a bitter pill to swallow, but this is exactly what happened in the recent past. Mid-cap, small-cap and ELSS funds broadly faltered in 2018 to the detriment of ambitious investors. With a Bajaj Finance FD, you sidestep the systematic risks involved with market-linked instruments, and reap the benefits of high FD interest rates. In fact, this issuer offers you the stability to a high degree. Its deposit schemes carry ICRA’s MAAA, CRISIL’s FAAA and even the international, S&P Global BBB rating.

You get generous returns alongside investment stability

Typically, in the investment world, there is a trade-off between risks and returns. Nevertheless, after data from 2018 showed that the safe fixed deposit yielded profitability while others struggled to keep the corpus from deterioration, you may be reconsidering the role an FD has in your portfolio. 

Bajaj Finance currently offers interest rates as rewarding as 8.60% for regular customers and up to 8.95% for senior citizens, on investments made for at least 36 months, with interest payable at maturity. This makes it even easier for you to grow your wealth through a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit.

Below is what you can earn through a Bajaj Finance FD as a regular investor when you opt for payouts at maturity.

Principal (in Rs.)
Interest rate (in %)
Tenor (in yrs.)
Interest (in Rs.)
Returns (in Rs.)
% returns

You can also determine your returns using a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit Calculator, which can help you plan your investments easily. 

You get multiple liquidity options to meet all your goals

While a fixed deposit may not be looked on as particularly liquid in nature, Bajaj Finance offers you three liquidity options. These allow you to cater to medium-term goals, recurring expenses, and emergencies with ease. Firstly, you can park your finances for a 12- to 60-month tenor and align your FD to your goals to a T. Secondly, you can choose to get interest payouts at regular intervals should you need periodic monetary assistance from your FD. Finally, in an emergency, you can get a convenient loan against your FD of up to Rs.4 lakh.

Now that you know how the stable Bajaj Finance FD will add value to your portfolio, book a call with an executive and get your deposit set up in no time at all. With a minimum investment of only Rs.25,000, you are just a step away from growing your salary securely.