Smriti Singh: One of the brightest minds in the world of artist management and digital media

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Smriti Singh: One of the brightest minds in the world of artist management and digital media
Smriti Singh: One of the brightest minds in the world of artist management and digital media
The kind of success and the level of momentum a few individuals have created for themselves in their respective industries cannot just be attributed to the advent of technology. One needs to credit the relentless drive, endless efforts, and determination of these individuals, who give their best and work with 100% commitment to turn their ideas into reality and become the success stories they always aimed to become. We were thrilled when we came to know about one such self-made success story, a big-eyed girl with even bigger dreams that today has made her one of the top choices when it comes to artist management and digital media and marketing; we are talking about Smriti Singh.

Smriti Singh confesses that from a very young age, everything that revolved around digital media and the entertainment world attracted her the most, which is why in college, at 19 years of age, she had started freelancing in these fields, in a way setting up a firm foundation for herself to attain expertise later. That’s what happened, and today, she serves as the CEO of her own digital marketing and PR firm called Ant-Bite Media and Pvt Ltd, which also excels at artist management. Getting the right kind of exposure in her teen years helped her make her foot firm in the industry over the years and led her to become a knowledgeable young personality and entrepreneur in the field.

The much-talked-about entrepreneur, PR expert, artist manager, and CEO of her company is known for her incredible business approaches and the industry-best strategies and techniques that lead her artist clients to earn the work they truly deserve in the industry. She has already worked with thousands of artists so far and has successfully placed them with different and exciting ventures in their careers with production houses, producers, celebrities, and big companies in the entertainment space. Even after coming from no background in the artist management field, thriving on her passion and her quest to create success for each of her clients helped her achieve massive success and recognition in the industry.

Smriti Singh, with her astute entrepreneurial skills, also made some deep connections in Bollywood and helped her artists make collaborations in films, music videos, music collaborations, and so much more, placing them as per their caliber and art.
There is absolutely no stopping for this young Indian talent as she consistently creates success for her clients and herself.

Find out more through her Instagram @smriti.singh9.