Tips to choose the best after school program for kids

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Tips to choose the best after school program for kids
Tips to choose the best after school program for kids

New Delhi : At this time and age, the number and variety of extracurricular activities and after school programmes only seem to grow at an exceptional rate. It is the need of the hour, involvement of kids in various activities helps them boost their confidence and self-esteem. When it comes to choosing the perfect after school program, parents consider many aspects. These programs must be safe, engaging, creative and fun so that the children can learn something new every day. Parents should focus on their kid’s interests and specialisations from early childhood so that they can enrol them in the right after school programme. 

Kids show interest in different activities like sports, music, art and craft. As kids, their minds are constantly evolving, their interests are changing every now and then. These after school programmes give children the freedom and liberty to choose from a wide range of activities. Parents evaluate all the available options so that their kids could receive the best of everything. These programs can help children with their social and communication skills as well. Here are some tips that will help parents choose the right after school programme for their children. 

Choose The Best After School Programme

There are many benefits of after school programmes but choosing the right and best one for children is the most important decision. 

1. Identifying child’s interests- When researching for various after school programmes, parents must align their analysis with their child’s interests. Children are always planning something spontaneously, one day they can be more into sports and the other day they can be into art and craft. Some kids might have an idea about their interests but most of them are confused. After school programmes help children with their decision-making skills so that they can choose for themselves. 

2. Considering the child's strengths and weaknesses- After school programmes are a great way to learn about the strengths and overcoming weaknesses. There are some aspects that parents should consider- academics skills, self-esteem, behavioural skills, focus and attention.  It is important for kids to know their strengths and weaknesses so that they can work on them accordingly.

3. Prioritise balance and time management- With a number of options available, children can get overburdened with their homework and other activities. Parents should consider the decision of after school programmes by keeping every aspect of the child’s growth in mind. Making sure the chosen activity or programme gives your child enough time to focus on his/her academics as well. 

4. Be supportive- At the time of selecting the perfect after school programme, parents should take in the consideration of their child’s interests. At every stage of a child’s life, parents' support is something that is needed all the time. If your child is trying and learning something new, support them so that their confidence is always boosted. If they are enjoying a certain activity, give them whatever they need. 

Without a proper after school programme, children may have to go home and struggle with their homework. Even if parents try their best, there are times when explaining some concepts can be difficult and overwhelming. As a whole, children can develop various skills by enrolling in after school programmes like development of social skills, improvement of communication skills and many more. These programmes organise bonding activities so that kids could cultivate into a social environment. There are various programmes that offer services to improve children’s literacy and numeracy skills. 

Kumon, an after school programme that equips children with numeracy and literacy skills by engaging them in various colourful worksheets. Prepare your child’s mind for exceptional growth and development by creating a strong foundation for them rooted in a daily routine.