Ranbir Kapoor is single for the first time in 27 years and can't hold the happiness at AIB Podcast

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Ranbir Kapoor talked about his love life
Ranbir Kapoor talked about his love life

Mumbai : Ranbir Kapoor who is always in the news for some or the other reason made some shocking insights about his love life and his love connections.

Recently on the AIB Podcast, Ranbir opened up and talked freely about his life. He spoke about his love life very openly.

At the Podcast, Ranbir relieved his feelings of being single after such a long time, or if to be described more specifically he has been in a relationship since the age of seven.

Ranbir said, “Since the age of 13 in seventh grade till now like last year I’ve always been in a relationship. This is the first time I am single and it’s amazing. You have a lot of time for yourself.”

Further, Ranbir added, “I’m not meeting anybody. The only people you meet are the film industry people and eventually, the only people you start talking to are actresses.”