Melodic house, Product of Us, the magical musical duo wins hearts and how

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Melodic house, Product of Us, the magical musical duo wins hearts and how
Melodic house, Product of Us, the magical musical duo wins hearts and how

Delhi : They have also launched their own record label, “Of Us Records,” providing incredible opportunities for growth to other talented artists specializing in melodic progressive house.

Let’s check out some amazing facts about product of us

Product Of Us records, doing a residency label night in Eden ibiza Next starting from May- Oct showcasing some exciting Djs including themselves 

  • They have recently signed to Paul van Dyke
  • They have another release coming on Anjuna beats rising in may 2023 
  • Their another release is coming on Purified Nora En Pure label date TBC 2023 
  • They are still residents at ministry of sound in London

No matter how much ever we talk about people walking their way to the top in their industries as self-taught and self-determined professionals, the more we feel the need to know about them, their journeys, choices, and their genius in becoming top names in their respective sectors. To reach an influential position in the music world has never been a walk in the park for anyone, but a handful of them have done even that and stunned people worldwide with all that they have achieved so far in their journeys, just like a magical musical duo called Product of Us did in recent times, specializing in Progressive melodic house genre.

Product of Us had consistently risen to the top in the music world, especially in the recent past, when 2022 proved to be a year of major hits for them. They had two of their songs on Beatport Top 100 number 1s with “Taste The Water” released on the Anjuna Beats label and “Hypnotised” released on Area Verde. They even had 6 top 10s, which took over various music charts around the world. Their growing presence across major streaming sites like Spotify and others is also truly astonishing. This gave them a 6 Months residency with “Wndrlnd records/events at the “Eden” club in Ibiza through the summer and also a year residency at London’s world-famous “Ministry Of Sound club,” besides many other prominent festivals.

Reaching so far in their career together as one brand had them face various challenges, but they were determined to give their best, specializing in Progressive melodic house and thus could create massive recognition and a name for themselves in the ever-so-evolving music industry. To follow their pursuits of making it huge in their careers, they also launched “Of Us Records,” which today is known for giving other talented music artists who have already hit the top 20 charts in Beatport a great platform to up their game in music. It specializes in melodic progressive house, welcoming the newest best talent in the world.

Product of Us (@productofus_ofc) is also in contract with “Ultra” music label to deliver some big hits in 2023.