Fake News: Unrelated photos of flooded schools shared as IIT, NEET examination centers

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Viral images of flooded schools on Twitter
Viral images of flooded schools on Twitter

New Delhi : With government allowing IIT JEE Mains and NEET examinations to be held in Septembers, Fake News is being spread on social media to haunt students that many of the exam centers are flooded and are not safe for examination.

"This is the condition of examination centres and govt. wants to conduct exam's," reads the caption of one such post.

The claim is being made with the photos that the NEET/JEE Centers are flooded with water in many states of India.

However, if you do a reverse search of the images on Google, you will soon find out that the images are old ones and are being used to spread false rumours.

In fact, one image used is found to be from the year 2016. Patrika had used the image back then to report closure of schools amid heavy rains.

Similarly all other images are from old dates and have no relation to the current situation.

For reference check the images below:

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4