Photographer captures 'love moments' of transgender couple

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Transgender Couple Mumbai
Transgender Couple Mumbai

Los Angeles : Mumbai’s first openly transgender couple, Madhuri Sarode and Jay Sharma, who openly married in a temple, after meeting two years before via Facebook have now done a beautiful photoshoot to express their love and happiness.

The beauty of their relationship has been captured on film by 26-year-old Mumbai-based freelance photographer Anu Pattnaik, who says that he was blown away by the couple’s love and mutual respect towards each other.

Their photoshoot is a step towards making everyone believe in the concept of love and keep away all conventional ideas regarding love.

Anu describes the striking and pioneering couple as being: “guy with roots from a Hindu family falling for a transgender and marrying her openly in a traditional Hindu ceremony and a transgender breaking the norms and living life on her own terms, not succumbing to society’s pressure.”

The photographer who is from Bhubaneswar, Odisha, followed them around for a couple of days to learn a thing or two about what real love looks like.

He says, “Madhuri Sarode and Jay Rajnath Sharma’s love story inspired me to go and have a closer look at their world. They have their moments like any other couple. They kiss, they hug, they cry, and they fight over small things. But how strong their relationship is, can be seen in public. They take pride in each other and their love.”

She also went and lived with them for a couple of days, capturing them in their most intimate moments.

A story, not just worth reading on a Valentines’ Day but every other day!