5 Fun and easy Nutella recipes to make at home

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New Delhi : We all absolutely love that jar of creamy hazelnut flavoured chocolate spread called Nutella. We've all had those days when we just want to enjoy a spoonful of Nutella in peace but it never ends with just one spoon. It's creamy, chocolaty and gooey flavour makes us all fall in love with it and we just can't have enough of it. All the Nutella fans love exploring fun combinations and recipes with Nutella and we've all had that delicious Nutella sandwich and Nutella pancakes and whatnot. But have you ever thought of making some fun desi Nutella recipes which can Indianise your favourite chocolate spread and make you love this versatile hazelnut spread even more? Now, we've all come across Nutella brownies and Nutella cookies but what if someone told you some easy recipes that you can make at home without going through the hassle of baking because we all know that baking is not everybody's cup of tea.

Here are some fun Nutella recipes.

1. Every desi loves stuffed aloo parathas but have you ever tried Nutella parathas? Instead of stuffing your paratha with aloo, simply stuff it with a layer of gooey Nutella and enjoy your desi creamy hazelnut flavoured parathas.

2. We all love a good pizza but did you know that you could make Nutella pizza and have both your favourite things together? Take a pizza base and apply a thick layer of Nutella on it. Add some milk chocolate chips and some nuts as per your taste and bake it for up to 4 minutes and you're good to go! You can also top your Nutella pizza with some granola.

3. We've all tried the basic Nutella sandwich. This time around mix it with a fun fruit. Take 2 slices of bread and add a layer of Nutella and some banana slices. This is one combination that you will never stop loving.

4. Samosas are our favourite snacks but how about some Nutella samosas? Replace your aloo stuffing with Nutella and nuts and enjoy gooey Nutella samosas instead.

5. You can never say no to some Nutella hot chocolate or Nutella coffee. Add a spoonful of Nutella in your cup of coffee before you beat it. You can also add 2 spoons of Nutella in your hot chocolate and top it with some delicious marshmallows.