5 Grounding techniques that can help when you spiral out of control during a panic attack

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New Delhi : Panic is that one dreadful feeling which needs to be controlled no matter what. We've all had moments when we've felt the panic set in, in tough situations and it can often drive you crazy! Getting panicked is not a problem but there are people who struggle with mental health issues like anxiety, PTSD and other such disorders which can often lead to panic attacks. Having a panic attack can be very stressful and taking control of things can become very difficult. They can make you feel shut out and sometimes they even spiral out of control. Most people don't believe that panic attacks are real but the truth is that they are very much real and can take a toll on your mental health. This is why it is essential to learn some basic grounding techniques which can help one to gain control during a panic attack.

1. Touch is a powerful sensation and it can help you feel grounded when things get out of hand. Put your hand in the sand or a bucket of cold water and feel the different sensations it brings. Focus on the way the substance feels on your hands. You can also try walking bare feet on the ground or the garden and allow yourself to feel the ground beneath your feet. You can also use something with texture like flour or beads or feathers. If you have a pet, run your hands through their fur.

2. Use your sight to take control of things. Look at different colours or patterns around you. Trace the patterns that you can see or simply start counting something around you like flowers or trees or books or anything to distract your mind away from the panic attack. Colours work the best and can help you feel calmer.

3. Hold a glass of cold water and take a sip. Feel the cold sensation in your mouth and focus on the taste of cold water. You can also take a cup of tea or coffee or just warm water. You can also try chewing gum or sucking on some candy. Smelling essential oils also works just as well.

4. Focus on the different sounds around you. Practice quiet mind and just listen to the different sounds like cars, birds, music, winds, dogs or anything that is around you. The sound of nature can work wonders.

5. Take a deep breath and try to do something artistic like colouring, painting, sketching, pottery, origami. You can also do something simple like work on your plants and touch the soil.