5 Secrets that should remain a secret in a relationship

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Couple in relationship
Couple in relationship

New Delhi : Relationships are based on love, trust, faith and honesty. We all understand the importance of being straight forward and honest in our relationship and most of us value such clarity. While this holds true in most situations, there are certain things that you should not feel obliged to share with your partner. Being truthful in your relationship is essential but sometimes the truth can also damage your relationship with your partner. 

We all feel the need to share everything in our hearts with our loved ones and tell them our deepest, darkest secrets but some things are not meant to be shared because they can take a toll on your bonding with your partner. Some things are best left unsaid. Transparency is good for a relationship but some secrets are best if they are kept secret forever because they're bound to do some damage when they come out in the open. 

Here are some things that you should never share with your partner. 

1. It's very normal to have a crush every now and then feel attracted towards someone but as long as it's just that, it's best to not share it with your partner. Telling them that you have a crush on someone else may make them feel insecure and jealous and could take a toll on your relationship. 

2. While it may seem like a very healthy practice to share your relationship and sexual history with your partner but it's never a good idea to go into the specifics and share the intimate details of your past sexual encounters with your partner. 

3. It's not uncommon for people to feel stuck in their past and struggle with the feelings for their ex but it is never a good idea to share this with your partner as this may strain your relationship and make your partner feel unloved and insecure. 

4. More often than not, people turn out to have differences with their partner's family or may even dislike their parents and while transparency is great, it's never a good idea to be honest with your partner about it because it might break their heart and hurt their feelings. 

5. Never tell your partner if what any of your friend or someone from your social circle thinks of them. More so if they dislike your partner as this may make them feel resentful towards the said person and create chaos in your life. It may also make them feel disrespected and insulted which may not reflect well on you.