5 Tips to train your dog to use the toilet during the coronavirus lockdown

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Dog training tips and tricks
Dog training tips and tricks

New Delhi : The coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on all of us. Countries across the globe are struggling to cope with this pandemic and researchers are rushing to find a vaccine or a cure that can help us all get back to our normal lives. India is tackling this problem with lockdown and gradually opening up everything now but we're all still at the risk of contracting coronavirus if and when we step out. But our little pet children have it much worse. All of us have been feeling frustrated staying stuck inside our homes but our dogs have been stuck inside with us too and the only highlight of their day are those little walks that they get to go on with their humans. Dogs enjoy going out on walks and that is their opportunity to do their business out in the open but being stuck inside is hard on them and on us because we all have to train them all over again to pee and poop indoors which is not a very easy task. Here are some quick tips to train your dog to use the toilet while you stay inside and safe for the time being.

1. The first thing to remember is that never scold your dog for the little accidents that they have every now and then. They're like little babies and tend to make mistakes. Give them some time to learn. 

2. Every time the pee outside the bathroom or toilet, take a pee pad and soak one corner of it in their pee and put it in the place where you want them to urinate. They will smell their pee and end up using the pee pad or the toilet to pee in. 

3. Give them a treat every time they urinate or poop in the correct place. Do not wait for long to give them the treat. Praise them and hand them their treat immediately after they do their business and step out. 

4. If you don't have a pee pad, you can use a thick layer of newspaper or else you can take a few drops of their pee in a syringe and put a few drops in the corner of the bathroom that you want them to use.

5. You can also buy toilet training drops or spray that is easily available in nearly every local pet store. You can put this spray or the drops in the place where you want your dog child to use for their business.