8 annoying habits that you should accept in your partner

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8 annoying habits that you should accept in your partner
8 annoying habits that you should accept in your partner

New Delhi : Being in love feels amazing but once that initial honeymoon phase wears off, most couples end up spending their time fighting and fussing over things. It's not necessary that your partner is exactly like you and shares the same traits, opinions and pet peeves. People are different and so are their habits and its not uncommon for couples to fight over each other's habits. Sometimes our partner's habit can be our pet peeves or it can simply be an annoying surprise but it's important to learn to ignore those imperfections. As a couple, you will always have to find a middle ground and settle problems. Most couples have to simply agree to disagree in a number of situations and simply learn to cope with the rest. That's just how relationships work. Here are some habits and traits that you should simply let go and accept in your partner for your sanity and your relationship and also because it's not worth fighting over.

1. It's not uncommon for your partner to want to spend all their spare time with you or want to be by your side and close to you all the time but it can be annoying so don't shy away from asking for some personal space every now and then.

2. Some of us simply despise that wet towel on the bed and the dirty clothes lying here and there but if your partner has a problem with putting them in the laundry bin, it's best that you give them a corner to put their dirty clothes or just keep a laundry bag where they throw their clothes.

3. It's extremely annoying when your partner spends far too long in the shower but remember that that is their me time and if they wish to indulge in some self-care there's nothing wrong with it. Unless you have an emergency don't nag your partner.

4. Your partner is always too cheerful or simply singing along the songs on the radio can often be annoying but you have no rights to spoil their mood or ask them to not be cheerful. Their tactics could just end up putting you in a cheerful mood as well.

5. A large number of people are often unorganized with their workspace. They tend to have a messy desk and papers strewn all over. Your partner may also leave the mess when they work at home and fail to clean up. It's best to give your partner a designated area in the house for their work and mess. You can also give them a box to put everything in when they're done with work.

6. Most of us want loyalty and honesty in a relationship but some people are a bit too blunt and a bit too honest. They fail to sugarcoat the truth which can be harsh at the time but as long as your partner is being truthful its all you should be worried about. Feel free to ask them to be gentle with their words. 

7. People find it very difficult to live with a partner who is a control freak. Most people like to have their homes organized and kept in a certain way and have a mild OCD. If your partner has that problem it's best to let it be even if it's annoying when your partner chooses to redo the chores you just did for their own sanity. It can help them feel in control and keep them stable.

8. There are morning people and then there are night owls. No matter how much they try to change their routine, night owls just can't help but stay up till late. This can be stressful for their partners but it's best not to force your partner to change their routine. Chances are that staying up late is the way your partner copes with stress. Try to develop new habits to indulge in before you get into bed like playing a game together or reading a book or simply cuddling and talking. This might help them change their routine instead of nagging them.