COVID vaccine must for pregnant women, government in new advisory

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Pregnant woman sitting by the side of a lake (Image: Pixabay)
Pregnant woman sitting by the side of a lake (Image: Pixabay)

New Delhi : The Union Health government has released a new set of guidelines for vaccination of pregnant women, it mentioned that they must register themselves on the CoWin app and take the jab as soon as possible.

“The COVID-19 vaccines available are safe & vaccination protects pregnant women against COVID-19 illness/disease like other individuals,” the guidelines read.

The new advisory came just days after the central government approved the vaccination of pregnant women.

“Pregnancy does not increase the risk of COVID-19 infection. Most pregnant women will be asymptomatic or have a mild disease. BUT their health may deteriorate rapidly and that might affect the foetus too,” the health ministry stated.

The guideline also mentioned that if a pregnant woman has already tested positive for coronavirus then she should take the vaccine after delivery.

Talking more about the side effects of the vaccine, the government cleared that there are just mild symptoms like fever, headache and body pain.

“After getting the vaccine injection, she can get a mild fever, pain at the injection site or feel unwell for 1-3 days,” the release stated.