Dating app survey concludes that most people would forgive their partner for infidelity

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Dating app survey concludes that most people would forgive their partner for infidelity
Dating app survey concludes that most people would forgive their partner for infidelity

New Delhi : True love is not easy to find but for those of us who are lucky enough, we just hold on to our partner and our relationship like there's no tomorrow. We never want to lose someone we love and want to spend all our life with our lover. But with time love and relationships have also changed. Honesty and loyalty have now become qualities that are tough to come by. It's very easy to find someone to date but it's not easy to find someone to have a meaningful relationship with. Relationships have changed drastically over the years. Love and relationships are no longer sacred and have turned shallow meaningless. With all the dating apps, love, relationships and dating have become too easy and people have stopped valuing it. Moreover, it has become very easy to find people and just hook up every now and then. 

Over time, people have started experimenting with different concepts like open marriages and throuple and whatnot but irrespective of all that, there are those of us who believe that love and relationships are sacred and that it's important to be loyal and faithful. For most of us cheating is a deal-breaker but in today's time would we forgive our partner for cheating on us? 

In a recent study conducted by Gleeden, it was concluded that 36.9% of people would be fine with forgiving their partner and wouldn't mind them having multiple affairs or relationships and 23% of people think of adultery or cheating as a complete deal-breaker. They would not want to be in a relationship with someone who cannot be loyal. About 40.1% of people said that they might forgive their partner depending on why they cheated or what went wrong. This study also found that outgoing and extroverted people are the ones who are turning to dating apps or online dating to keep them entertained during the coronavirus lockdown. 

Most people tend to cheat because they don't get what they want from their partner and their relationship. When a relationship begins to fizzle out people begin to feel dissatisfied and turn to flings to find companionship. Moreover, this research also found that 46% of Indians have had affairs outside their marriage. In today's time, we have far too many choices available at our disposal at just one little click and this is raised the bar with regards to relationships and love. We expect a lot more than we actually get in relationships which does a lot of damage.