Relationship: 6 ways to handle your jealous and possessive partner before it gets out of hand

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New Delhi : We all want a partner who loves us and cares for us. Some of us also want our partner to be protective about us but there's a very thin line between protective and possessive. You may expect your partner to cherish you but sometimes your partner's insecurities may take over and turn everything unhealthy and toxic. It's important to set boundaries in every relationship and not doing so can do a lot of damage to your love life. It is important to understand that negative emotions and feelings like possessiveness and jealousy have a source which is often insecurity and this can make one cross boundaries. Sometimes this can also make your partner controlling in subtle ways and you won't even realise it until it's too late. This is why it is important to address any negative emotions in a relationship and find a way out before it takes a toll on your love life. Here are some tips to handle a jealous and possessive partner. 

1. Understand that these emotions could be a result of their past problems and anxieties which are being triggered by something. Help your partner understand that and find their trigger. Help them get over their past fears and anxieties before it harms your relationship. 

2. Chances are that these emotions are a result of trust issues and it's best if you sit down with your partner have a conversation about the trust issues and find a way out. Being more affectionate and loving towards your partner could help them manage the situation. Maybe all they really need is some love, care and attention. 

3. Don't be dismissive. People often tend to dismiss such negative emotions and feelings but addressing your partner's concerns can help you go a long way in managing the situation. 

4. Remember to communicate with your partner. Proper communication can work wonders and take the opportunity to set some boundaries and discuss it with your partner. Let them know when their actions or behaviour makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. 

5. Do not get defensive about your behaviour. Some of your actions could be the cause of all this negativity and even if it isn't don't jump into a fight with your partner because it will only make it worse. Step back and think before you act. Handle the situation calmly. 

6. Avoid nagging and pestering your partner about their behaviour. Don't constantly blame them for being possessive and jealous. Give them some space and time to work on their problems because it's not going to simply disappear out of the blue.