Diet: Here are 9 nutritionists recommended high protein, low carb food items

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Diet: Here are 9 nutritionists recommended high protein, low carb food items
Diet: Here are 9 nutritionists recommended high protein, low carb food items

New Delhi : Protein is an essential nutrient for our body. While we all understand that it's essential for our body but we all don't give it as much importance as the fitness freaks do. Limiting your carb intake and consuming more protein can work wonders for our body. It's the best diet that can help you build muscles and stay fit and healthy. It can also help you feel full and reduce cravings. Moreover, consuming healthy protein-rich diet can take you a long way in following a healthy lifestyle. But picking the right protein-rich food items is not easy. It is essential to ensure that your protein-rich food does not have too many carbs because carbs can do a lot of damage to the body. This is why we need to pick the right food items when planning our diet and keep it balanced. In a conversation with Cosmopolitan nutritionist Sophie Medlin, of City Dieticians listed some protein-rich food which do not contain too many carbs.

1/9 Quoran Sausages

Quoran Sausages

They are vegetarian sausages which contain low saturated carbs and are rich in plant protein which makes the perfect food for a balanced diet. 

2/9 Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt

It has very few calories and is rich in protein and probiotics. Greek yoghurt also has low-fat content and is available with zero fat content as well. You can make it tastier by adding some honey or cinnamon powder or maybe even lemon. 

3/9 Cream cheese with cucumber or celery

Cream cheese with cucumber or celery

Cucumber and celery are low carb vegetables and cream cheese is a milk product and is rich in protein and other nutrients as well. 

4/9 Sardines in tomato sauce

Sardines in tomato sauce

Sardines are rich in protein, calcium and fatty acids which makes it a great health food and tomato sauce add more flavour to it. 

5/9 Eggs


Eggs are every bodybuilder's main source of protein. Most people tend to consume eggs for their post-workout meals. You can have boiled eggs or scrambled eggs with some vegetables like spinach or mushrooms. 

6/9 Hummus


Hummus with cucumber and celery makes for a great high protein and low carb meal. It can also be paired with a dip of your choice. 

7/9 Falafel


Falafel is also a high protein and low carbohydrate food item. But it's best to turn to homemade falafel because it happens to be tastier and you can make it more carb-free. 

8/9 Nuts


Nuts are a rich source of protein and other nutrients. It is also rich in fiber and has low carbs which makes them a great protein-rich snack. 

9/9 Protein Shake

Protein Shake

It doesn't get better than protein shakes. Rich in protein and low in carbs, it is the most loved snack for gym lovers and bodybuilders.