Do's and don'ts factsheet of how to use contact lenses

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Contact lens guide (Image: Shutterstock)
Contact lens guide (Image: Shutterstock)

New Delhi : If you are interested in wearing contact lenses, get off to the right start by visiting an optometrist who offers comprehensive eye diagnosis and care. Your optometrist will evaluate your suitability to wear contact lenses after a thorough eye examination. 

Based on your diagnosis, your optometrist will help you find the most suitable contact lens amongst the various types of contact lenses available. 

Let's say, you have been using different types of contact lenses for some time now. Your daily contact lens routine is working well, but are you aware of all the right practices for handling contact lenses? Unintentionally, you may be practising wrong habits of contact lens maintenance and care.  

So, we are sharing a do's and don'ts factsheet of how to use and handle contact lenses correctly. These are some standard guidelines that apply to all types of contact lenses. Follow these wear and care do's and don'ts to use contact lenses successfully.


Thoroughly wash and dry your hands every time before using your contact lenses. Clean your contact lenses carefully and regularly, as advised by your optometrist. Always rub your contact lenses with clean fingers and then rinse them thoroughly before you soak the contact lens in a multipurpose lens care solution. Store your contact lenses in an appropriate storage case and replace the lens case every three months. After each use, clean your lens case and keep it open to let it air dry before filling it with lens solution to store your contact lenses. 

Make a habit to always use fresh lens care solution for cleaning and storing your contact lenses. Even if you don't use your contact lenses daily, change your lens care solution based on recommendations mentioned on the product. 

Diligently follow your schedule for recommended contact lens replacement as advised by your eye care practitioner. Always remove your contact lenses before you swim or enter a hot tub. Get your eyes examined by your optometrist regularly. 


Never use cream soaps as they leave behind a thin residual film on your hands, which can get transferred to your contact lenses. Soft lens wearers should never use homemade saline solutions for storing their lenses as its improper use can lead to severe blinding conditions. 

Don't put your contact lenses into your mouth or try to moisten them with your saliva. The mouth and saliva are full of different bacteria and are a potential infection source. Never use tap water to clean or store your contact lenses or storage case. Do not share your contact lenses with anyone else. 

Refrain from using any products that are not recommended by your optometrist for cleaning and disinfecting your contact lenses. Never sleep with your contact lenses, 

Few Extra Tips to Make Sure Your Contact Lenses Stay Clean and Fresh

Don't transfer your contact lens care solution into smaller containers as it can compromise the sterility of the lens care solution. Always keep your contact lens solution tightly capped to avoid contact with any surface or object. Try to avoid any kind of air smoke and other pollutants as they can enter your eyes and cause infections. 

Carefully Follow Wear and Care Instructions

After you get your eyes examined by an optometrist, they prescribe you contact lenses based on your eye's suitability. When you buy your prescribed contact lenses, you also receive a lens care kit that includes storage cases, contact lens care solutions and instructions on wear and care. Together, all these products and items are designed to deliver high-quality eye care and enhanced visual aid performance and care. 

Regularly visiting your eyecare practitioner makes sure that your eyes stay healthy and problem-free. Your eyes are sensitive, so you must purchase your contact lenses from a brand that is trustworthy, customer-oriented and offers different types of contact lenses for various eye conditions. 

Take a step towards healthier eyes and clearer vision with Bausch+Lomb, a brand globally renowned for its premium quality products and customer-oriented services. They help you find the right eye care products and regimes. Healthy eyes mean happier you!