How to lose after-pregnancy weight fast using home exercises and diet

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How to lose after-pregnancy weight fast using home exercises and diet
How to lose after-pregnancy weight fast using home exercises and diet

New Delhi : Having trouble losing post-pregnancy weight and want back your beautiful curves? Go for a balanced diet and while exercising, include workouts like Kegel and do a lot of aerobics, suggest experts. Nutritionist Ria Wahi has listed foods to include in your diet, and Tarvin Dedha, a fitness expert and owner of Xtreme Fitness Gym, has shared a few workouts:

Here is Diet list

1. Your diet must include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein like fish, soy foods and lean meats.

2. Choose skim or low-fat milk. Leafy greens containing iron are also good.

3. Vitamin C can help with wound healing for mothers who delivered via C-section.

4. Whole grain crackers with hummus or nuts are healthy too. Stash some in your purse in case you get a craving on the go.

5. Have a cup of whole grain cereal with low-fat milk. A hardboiled egg with some fresh sauteed mushrooms, low-fat cheese with a piece of fruit and plain greek yogurt are good options too.

Exercise Tips for after pregnancy women:

Kegel or pelvic floor exercises: Kegel helps in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, which support the pelvic organs. It weakens by the birth process and should be exercised right after birth. It may seem a little tough to do this just after giving birth. However, try doing only as many as you can and later increase the duration as per your choice.

Pelvic tilt will help tone and strengthen your abdominal muscles and relieve backaches. Lie on your back with your knees bent. Tighten your stomach and hip muscles to tilt your pelvis, flatten your back against the floor and hold for a count of two to three seconds. Do not arch your back, stick out your abdomen or push with your feet to do this motion.

Ankle circles to enhance circulation: Make 10 circles with your ankles clockwise, then repeat counter-clockwise. Do it in different positions such as sitting or lying down. Repeat the pattern three to five times.

Leg sliding/stretches: Lie on your back with one knee bent. Keep your back flat while sliding the heel of the straight leg up and down the surface on which you are lying.

Work only within the range where you can keep your back flat.

Aerobics: You can begin with gentle aerobic activity. You can begin as soon as you think you can handle it. Consult your health care provider before resuming.

Walking: Follow the instructions of the nursing staff to get out of bed and start walking as soon as possible.