The truth behind 5 common breastfeeding myths

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The truth behind 5 common breastfeeding myths
The truth behind 5 common breastfeeding myths

New Delhi : Being a mom is not easy. Especially in times like these when the world is battling coronavirus which happens to be a deadly and highly contagious virus. While this virus does not seem to be stopping anytime soon, we cannot stop living our lives no matter what. Life can't hit pause because of this global coronavirus pandemic, it simply has to go on. Now there are women who have become new moms or are pregnant and with the social distancing norms, there's no one to give them the correct advice. Breastfeeding is an important part of the process and is essential for your newborn baby's health. This is probably why there are numerous myths around breastfeeding but there are no facts behind it. Here are some common breastfeeding myths busted for new moms.

1. It is believed that breastfeeding can cause a lot of pain in the nipples and that new moms need to toughen up their nipples but that isn't true. Breastfeeding might be uncomfortable initially and may even cause sore nipples but constant pain during breastfeeding is not normal and it's best to consult a doctor if that's the case.

2. People say that new moms should eat bland food while they breastfeed because everything a mom eats can affect her baby but that's not true. The food that you consume is broken down and digested by the time the milk is produced.

3. You should stop taking medication when you're breastfeeding. While some medications can impact your baby and you should speak to your doctor before you consume any medications, it doesn't mean that you cannot take any medicines. Mothers on antidepressants can also breastfeed without any trouble.

4. It is believed that exercising can impact breast milk and change the taste and make it sour. This is untrue. Physical activity does not change the taste of your breast milk, the only thing that might cause a problem is the little bit of sweat left on your breast which makes it salty.

5. People claim that it is essential to wash your nipples before you breastfeed every single time and that is just a myth. The fact is that doing this can strip your nipple off its natural oil and reduce natural lubrication.