World’s heaviest woman Eman Ahmed lost 250 kg in just two months

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New Delhi : In just two months, world’s heaviest woman has dropped down her body size to half and lost about 250 kg in just two months.

According to Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, who operated on the Egyptian woman on March 7 at Mumbai's Saifee Hospital, she has lost 242 kg since her arrival in India in February.

Eman underwent a bariatric surgery - sleeve gastrectomy - on March 7 and lost 130kg within a month.

Eman, who arrived in Mumbai on February 11, lost 100 kg with a strict liquid diet and physiotherapy within just days of her arrival. She underwent a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy on March 7.

Dr Lakdawala said the surgery and a special diet has helped Eman lose 242kg since she landed in India, which was beyond his expectations.

The rapid weight loss has dramatically improved Eman's health parameters as her heart, kidneys, lung and fluid levels are all under control now.

However, Eman continues to be paralysed on the right side and suffers occasional seizures as a result of a brain stroke she had suffered three years ago, said one of the doctors, adding that they will check her brain with a CT scan machine as soon as possible. 

Earlier, Eman's tests revealed that she has a rare genetic defect that has made her abnormally