Your better sleep depends on colleagues behaviours: Study

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Your better sleep depends on colleagues behaviours: Study
Your better sleep depends on colleagues behaviours: Study

New Delhi : If you are facing troubles in getting a good peaceful sleep then you can blame it on your co-worker who is rude, uses sarcastic comments and demeaning language. A study has found that bad behaviour at the workplace can directly affect sleep of both the victim and co-worker.

The study found that when a person experiences rude, discourteous, impolite colleagues at workplace, they tend to ruminate more about work at home.

They also face trouble falling asleep or may wake up in the middle of the night. 

This also affects the spouse or partner, only when the couple works in the same company or occupation, the researchers said.

It is "because work-linked couples have a better idea of what's going on in each other's work, they can be better supporters", said Charlotte Fritz, Associate Professor from the Portland State University in the US. 

"They probably know more about the context of the uncivil act and might be more pulled into the venting or problem-solving process," she added, in the paper detailed in the journal Occupational Health Science.


It is believed that if you ditch work related thought during non-working hours by spending time with your family and friends, the things get better. One can always pursue his/her hobbies for a happy brain.

For the study, the team involved 305 couples in a variety of jobs.