Coronavirus Lockdown: Here are some tips to keep in mind if you are having a home wedding during this pandemic

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Lockdown Wedding at home
Lockdown Wedding at home

New Delhi : Finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is a huge milestone in all of our lives. Having a companion, someone to call our own and find love with can make your life seem perfect. Getting married and finalising everything with the person you love can be an amazing feeling but considering the current scenario, everything has gone on hold and left us all heartbroken. The coronavirus pandemic has taken on a toll on our health and has left us all fearing for our lives. But for all of us who were planning to marry the love of our lives this year, everything has taken a hit including the weddings. It's not safe or practical to have a big wedding and with just 50 guests, we can't all have our dream wedding but this does not mean that your wedding cannot be memorable. Most people are now opting for a virtual wedding or court marriage or even a simple home wedding to celebrate their union. If you too are planning a home wedding during the coronavirus lockdown, here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Ensure that you have adequate stock of hand sanitizers, gloves and masks for all your guests. Even with just 50 guests, it is important to maintain hygiene and keep all of your health and safety in mind.

2. Make sure that you maintain social distancing when you do the seating arrangements and during the celebration as well. We all want to have fun and celebrate the union of a couple but it's also importance to maintain a safe distance while doing so.

3. Try to use an open space like a lawn or terrace as opposed to a closed space. This is a much safer option and it also looks absolutely elegant at the same time.

4. Limit the number of guests during the small ceremonies like haldi, mehendi and skip out on functions like sangeet and cocktail party to avoid any risks.

5. Coordinate with your vendors and ensure that the food stalls are at a safe distance to maintain social distancing and request your guests to do the same. You can also opt-out of buffet system and go for plated meals in order to keep contact at minimal.

6. Avoid keeping towels in the washroom and use tissues and wipes instead. Hygiene and sanitization should be your top priority and ensure that you avoid contact with people and greet them with namaste and let them give you gifts and shagun online instead of handing them to you.